hiring? why work with a recruitment firm when hiring

hiring? why work with a recruitment firm when hiring
14 Jan

“Recruitment firm on the phone” It seems there is a new recruitment firm opening up weekly. How do you find the right one to work with and what are the benefits if you were to engage a recruitment firm in today’s internet “disruptive” age?.

One thing is certain, despite economic slow downs, advances in technology and social networks that make us all visible, it’s getting harder to recruit key people for your business.

Identifying potential candidates is easy, bringing them to interview, engaging and recruiting them is the difficult part.

Why engage a recruitment firm.

  • Find a specialist recruitment firm.

A specialist recruiter will focus on a segment of the market. This allows them to build knowledge and better relationships with a finite number of people.

Specialist recruiters immerse themselves within in their market. They work on roles in the sector every day. Relationships allow access into the market to stretch the search further.

Their niche focus allows them to be active in the same communities their target candidates are in. They’re advertising, combing LinkedIn and scoping Facebook and other sites and attending professional events.

Learn more about how to find the right recruitment consultant here.

  • Specialist recruiters know where to source.

When the time comes to source for a particular role, most recruiters have some tried-and-true high-yield sources for candidates. A specialist recruiter generally has access to more industry-specific sources. These include solid networks, professional associations, alumni and online communities relevant to your target market.

A recruiter focused on your market can reach out to their existing network to find high quality referrals. Because a specialist’s network is primarily focused around their niche, their reach is deep.

  • Specialist recruitment agencies know how to screen.

With deeper understanding of your industry sector and job families, a specialist recruiter is able to go deeper when assessing candidates. Well networked, good recruiters should always be taking soft references, ensuring better qualified talent makes it through to your shortlist.

By the time a resume reaches you, candidates are engaged in the process with an active interest in the role. Because they’re better evaluated, the quality of shortlist will be high.

These are some of the benefits if you were to engage a recruitment firm.

small print, Symmetry is a specialist recruitment firm learn more here. 

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Craig Michilis

Craig Michilis

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