Symmetry’s Talent Map is a strategic tool that helps business leader plan for medium and long term talent acquisition strategies by providing on going research on talent outside of your organisation.

  • New business revenue streams
  • New jurisdictions
  • Future proof your business
  • Understand your employer brand today

Most companies have a succession planning model in place. This ranges from scrambling to offer the role to the highest revenue earner to forward thinking development programmes for high potential employees strengthening skills gaps. Development programs should be at the heart of any succession planning, complemented by strong employer branding and knowledge of skilled relevant talent outside of your organisation.

Talent Map allows you to make better informed recruitment decisions and help improve time to hire as well as listen to the chatter on your brand as an employer.


Axel Boye-Moller
Axel Boye-Moller- Head of Global Transactional Services, Asia Westpac

Craig was a critical partner as we embarked on building out our trade and transaction banking business in Asia. Quick to understand the brief, Craig and the team identified talent not only with the right skill set and engagement, but also with a strong cultural fit.

Axel Boye-MollerStuart SmithJason LimLloyd CartwrightAnna JonesNicolas Le ClercKelvinder Singh

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