We believe that talent management starts with selecting the right people. Our knowledge of industry and long term relationships with deep networks within, will always be at the heart of our business.

We are now increasing our capability, offering services to develop and retain your people.

Job Seekers come to us seeking the next challenge, employers that develop their people and create opportunity for internal career pathing. Your best people want to learn, if you don’t change them, they will change you.

Symmetry works with our customer in a number of ways to identify or validate high potential performers and implement customised development programs that are right for your business


  1. increase competency across all levels of business
  2. drive engagement, stimulate positive attitudes
  3. help create cohesive team environments

Together with our business partners Digne Consult, we provide

  • Training
  • Coaching

We will continue to develop our talent management capability in line with our customer needs.


Our programs are designed help your employees achieve specific outcomes through increased level of skills and changes in behavior.

With your outcomes as our goal, we providing the opportunity for your people to build skill and confidence to allow them to step up back in the business, strengthening your team and maximising performance.

Through our partnership with Digne Consulting we have capacity to deliver training in Singapore, across Asia and Europe.

Our customized training programs are unique and striking for the following reasons:

  • The training programs can be a combination of workshops, individual coaching and scenario based learning
  • The training programs and workshops are participant centred with your outcomes at the heart
  • At the end of the program, participants know exactly what to do to achieve certain results or to bring about certain behavioural changes

Specifically our training is aimed at

  • Personal development: Personal branding, Assertiveness, Career management
  • Management: Leadership, Managing a virtual team, Coaching, Change management
  • Soft skills: Time management, Influencing, Presentation, Communication, Cultural Awareness
  • Team Development: Team effectiveness, Team building, Team coaching


Coaching is a deliberate process utilizing focused conversations to create an environment for individual growth, purposeful action, and sustained improvement. It is designed to create awareness and to help people focus, achieving their goals and enhancing performance.

Coaching uses a formal yet personalized approach that integrates proven techniques for change with behavioural knowledge and hands-on practice. Coaching breaks down barriers to help achieve greater levels of accomplishment. It is a process of self-leadership that enables people to gain clarity about who they are, what they are doing, why they are doing it, and where they want to go.

Why us

Guided by our founding principle, to develop individual capability and make it accessible and affordable for corporate sponsors to provide to middle management and above, we have developed

  • Focus on results.
    We focus in business coaching to achieve the goals set out by the employer and agreed by the employee. That means that at the start of the coaching journey we have a conversation with the coachee and his/her manager to discuss the coaching goals. To make sure that everyone involved is aligned, the coachee signs of a contract in which his/her goals are stipulated.
  • Experience and expertise.
    Our coaches have many years of experience as coach and as professional working in a specific industry. Our people are certified coaches with experience working with professionals on different levels in an organisation and with different cultural background. Our coaches must demonstrate their coaching skills as they progress through ongoing development of their skills and are evaluated on an ongoing basis.

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Axel Boye-Moller
Axel Boye-Moller- Head of Global Transactional Services, Asia Westpac

Craig was a critical partner as we embarked on building out our trade and transaction banking business in Asia. Quick to understand the brief, Craig and the team identified talent not only with the right skill set and engagement, but also with a strong cultural fit.

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We will email you and discuss next steps.