Successful Project Management

Successful Project Management
27 Nov

Successful Project Management

Successful Project Management does not happen by chance,  you need every team member contributing if you want to finish on time an on budget.

Here are 9 ways to help get you there.

Understand the end goal.

Every project has it’s end. And everyone on your team should know what it is.

Stephen Covey teaches to “begin with the end in mind.” If everybody knows the desired result, they are better equipped to make individual decisions.

Know your part.

Each person is an important piece in the overall project puzzle. Know your role and the roles of others. Make sure you take the time to get an understanding of your role and the role of your colleagues in your team. Encourage questioning amongst your team. How do you know they know what to do if you dont ask?

Collaborate. Project work, whilst run to a timetable should be fluid. Successful Project Management  means your team should be able to step in and help where needed, when necessary.

Recognise interdependencies.

The bigger the project, the more linked and interdependent the team is. Certain steps need to be done before others can be completed.

If you see only your small piece of the project, you may not realise how you finishing two days sooner might have a huge impact on end time. Conversely if you fall two days behind on one of your tasks, the effects on the end results could be much longer delays.

No one’s an island. Decisions affect others. Recognise and work with the interdependencies between you and the others involved in the project.

Reliability counts.

Share your knowledge with others. Be honest when you don’t know, you’re not there to  otherwise you will be seen as a windbag. Keep your promises!


Check in with others. Coordinate schedules.  Gather input. Update people on progress. Handout praise often.

Take the big project steps and break them down into definable tasks. The bigger the marathon, the more milestones. Create many goals along the way, teams work better together when they achieve together.

Look to the past.

Experience counts. Look for the lessons learned in the past to improve your results today. .

Look to the future.

Take a little time to document the best practices and ideas that work for you. Can be a formal document or your notes only. Investing time now will make contributions to future projects more efficient.

Taking action on these ideas will help you feel more confident and successful in your role on the project team along with a helping you reach your goals.

Thanks to our partner Frank Kuijsters at Digne Consult for this blog.

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Craig Michilis

Craig Michilis

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