A guide for successful interviewing

A guide for successful interviewing
14 Nov

Show and Tell at school did have a purpose. It was getting you ready for interviewing. You wouldn’t stand up in front of your class without knowing what piece to show and a story to tell

Interviewing is no different. Showing up without a story to tell and examples to showcase your skills will land you back in the same class next year.  Do your homework  and go up a grade instead.

Employers hire motivated, professional and qualified employees. In less than an hour you can be ready to impress. Read on if you’re getting ready for interview.

6 techniques to help you at interview.

1. Know your client.Turning up to an interview knowing very little about the company or the interviewer in today’s information heavy world is frankly, lazy. Tell them you’ve done your homework through facts about the company, their market position and culture. This should allow you to throw in why  you’d like to work there.

2. Interview with Confidence. A little hit of confidence puts you in the right place to meet people. It allows you to stand tall, smile, speak with ease and be overall present. None of that can happen if you’re winging it.

3. Presentable Appearance. Dress for success which in this case means “will you fit in?” Dress for purpose meaning dress as though you were already in the job. If you’re not sure, suit and tie for men and similar relevant clothing for woman.

4. Good Communication Skills. Ready yourself with plenty of real world examples to showcase the competencies needed in this role. Remember the STAR technique. 

5. Brand on. Google your name, review all the public information you can find on you including anything that can be seen on social networks and clean up anything that may be taken poorly out of context. Anything that can be seen or heard about you should send the same clear message.

6. Body Language. Start practicing now, eye contact, confident introduction, open body language, dont forget the thank you and goodbye.

You’ll be better prepared with these 6 techniques to help you at interview. Ready to start the process, looking for a job, Symmetry can help here.






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Craig Michilis

Craig Michilis

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