Resume Mistakes easily avoided

Resume Mistakes easily avoided
14 Jul

The resume still reigns supreme in any job application. So we spoke to hiring managers and our own consultants to find out what were some of the resume mistakes that were letting candidates down.

8 resume mistakes to avoid

1 Submitting Incorrect Information.

  • Seems obvious.

Incorrect contact details is resume mistake 101 and will move your resume into the bucket list quickly. Review your standard resume every time you bring it out of hibernation.

The practice of creating job titles that sound like the job you are applying for but not relevant to the experience you’ve had, may get the hiring manager’s initial attention but will bite you later if found out to be premeditated.

2 Using an objective statement.

  • Consider this example taken  from a random resume.

Objective : I seek endless horizons in a position that will utilise and sharpen my skills as well as diversify my experience.

In my experience statements like these do one of two things, limit you or in this case are so vague they add little or nothing to your resume.

Secondly statements like this say everything about what the jobseeker wants and little about the hiring manager will get.

  • Instead create a headline and value statement to grab the readers attentions;


Investment professional with eleven years Finance experience, including five in real estate deal structuring and management.

Originates, structures and manages senior and mezzanine debt transactions across commercial and residential real estate

3 Grammatical Errors and Typos.

Personally I give some leeway here though job dependent of course. If the job requires excellent written communications, presentation or attention to detail, then best you use your resume as an example.

Spell check is your best friend but not foolproof. Always have your resume reviewed independently.

4 The fourth resume mistake people make is using one resume to fit all sizes.

The first thing we do when we start looking for a new job is write a resume.  We document our professional history and most stop here.

  • Lets call this the standard resume.

Rewrite or taylor your resume with the next job in mind and notice the change.  You will naturally showcase relevant skills and weave in language that will interest the reader. Bonus points are given when you add real experiences in turn creating a point of difference and building value.

Taylor your standard resume for each application and your hit rate will improve.

5 Omitting months.

Too many resumes include year only for start and end date. Some inconsistently mix dates to include month/year and year only. The reader is left wondering have you worked there for two months or two years.

Never leave the reader with questions. Don’t shy away from the facts and provide short explanations where necessary.

6 Not Including Skills.

  • Two words, word search.

Not listing your Skills is a wasted opportunity.

List them at the top of your resume underneath your headline or weave them into your value statement.

7 Elaborate Formatting.

  • Keep it simple.

Unless your desired role is in digital design, use fonts you know and trust without bells and whistles.

Fact. A recruiter will almost always take off your contact details and add their logo and their contact details. If you want your resume to look the same to the end employer as it did when it left your desk, send it in word and don’t add boxes which only make it difficult to format.

If you want to exercise your creative side, do it with language. Stand out from the crowd by telling your story, your way.

8 Regurgitated Job specs.

Resumes that directly copy or almost copy a job specification that hit my desk at least are binned. C’mon.

Finally resume mistakes are easily avoided when you give yourself time to prepare. Register your resume with Symmetry today.


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Craig Michilis

Craig Michilis

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