6 questions to ask before accepting an offer

6 questions to ask before accepting an offer
23 May

The interview process is like dating. You meet over different activities, get to know each other and if you like each other eventually you move in together. The feelings must be mutual for a successful partnership. The interview process is no different, two parties getting to know each other, hoping for long term compatibility.

Good interview preparation involves forming your own list of questions as well as preparing for your answers. Questions keep the interviewer engaged and show you’re seriously considering the opportunity. More importantly, every new job is a significant step in your career. It’s your responsibility to decide if you’ll thrive or dive in this new environment?

Make informed decisions with questions.

Here are 6 base line questions. Look for consistency by posing the same question to different people throughout the process.

1. Why is this position available?

It’s important to know why the position is vacant.
Good signs are growth or internal promotion. Resignation or asked to leave whilst not necessarily the sign of a bad workplace, need further context. Don’t be afraid to ask the questions.

2. How will I be measured in 3 months from now?

The interviewer get several pieces of information about you here. First, self assessment, can you do what’s needed and do it well and second it provides you with short term goals. Make a great impression by focusing extra attention on what you’ll be measured on.

3. Where is the company headed?

We are working in an era of great change. Past performance is important but it’s where the company is headed that’s key to you. Cleverly thought out questions showcase your knowledge and provide you with valuable information for your decision making process.

4. What’s the company’s process for giving feedback?

Even better add something personal, “I found that receiving feedback”, provide an example of positive or critical, “allowed me to…….”and ” What’s the company process on giving feedback?”
You’ve just said, “hey I’m open to feedback and I want to learn and improve.” Learn more about why that’s important here.

5. What are the personal characteristics needed to make the person successful at this job?

Similar to question 2, it’s all about self assessment. Do you have the personality needed for the role and the culture or will it be a long day at work if you were to work here.

6. And finally, ask the interviewer about their background and their experience working here. ?

Gather your facts! Furthermore, this question is designed to get the interviewer talking. Most people, especially leaders enjoy telling their story. Play your part as the engaged audience. Not only is the information helpful, it will also provide an upbeat tone to end the meeting especially the interviewer with a positive memory.

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Craig Michilis

Craig Michilis

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