Are you on the right track

Are you on the right track
27 Jul

A career change can either be daunting or invigorating depending on how you approach it. Many dream of it and don’t act whilst others have the decision forced upon them. There is a another group, growing in numbers who are making very successful transitions into second and even third careers from their 40’s onwards.

Looking for a reason to make a career change?

Here is our list of 5.

  1. Stay in control. It’s a whole new ball game if some else were to make the decision for you. Finding your purpose should be a liberating experience. New found confidence helps you set ambitious goals, providing you with the tenacity to plan ahead and work through hurdles. The spirit and confidence will also play to your advantage on the interview circuit
  2. Has your career plateaued. Do you have the energy to continue the corporate climb. If your path is trending towards horizontal, dont wait before the descent kicks in and choices are taken from you
  3. Do the rewards make up for the dissatisfaction you feel day to day. People in their mid career will often stay in the role because it’s comfortable, it pays well, the landscape is familiar. Dont wait for resentment to build. 
  4. Realise your value in the world. It’s easy to lose sight of the world around us and forget that your skills can be applied elsewhere. This stops people before they get started. Whilst it may look difficult to begin with, think of the satisfaction you’ll feel when you’ve successfully made the transition.
  5. Vitality. New job, new challenges, new people, learning. 

A career move should be seen as an exciting time of advancement and not a last resort. Turn the anxiety into courage with this list of tips. 

  • Act, not react. Create your future without running away from your past.
  • Always leave on a high.
  • Exercise your curiosity daily
  • Understand your transferable skills.
  • Learn to read the signals

The last and most important tip

  • Do it.

What are you going to do when you grow up, it’s never too late for a career change.

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Craig Michilis

Craig Michilis

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