How to write a cover letter in 5 paragraphs

How to write a cover letter in 5 paragraphs
02 Mar

In an age where generic resumes are sent off like text messages, a well written cover letter adds significant weight to a job application. According to Forbes a good cover letter still matters and can help you secure an interview. Discover how to write a cover letter that will help you get an interview.

Cover letters matter.

Let’s start with some of old fashioned but still thoroughly modern do’s and don’ts.

When you know the hiring manager’s name;

Dear Mr / Mrs (Name) 

Your’s sincerely,

When you don’t;

Dear Sir / Madam

Yours Faithfully,

Make time to research. Learn as much as you can to know your audience and let that set the appropriate tone.

Do make your application memorable with a letter that represents you and your personality.

Don’t use a generic template.

Don’t reuse a cover letter. Remember this letter provides the link between a resume and role. You may not rewrite your resume for every application but you should never use the same cover letter twice.

Follow the structure below to get results.

How to write a cover letter in 5 paragraphs

1 Provide purpose

In a friendly tone state your purpose. If you are replying to an advertisement repeat the job title and reference number (if provided).

2 Motivation

Let the reader know why you want this job. Be genuine. Provide relevant links to this pathway with your past education and career to date.

3 How you can help them

Drive your application to the interview stage. Highlight specialist relevant skills, education, experiences and achievements that support your claim.

4 Non technical side to success

List the relevant general skills such as leadership, stakeholder management or origination. Point to the times where you practiced these skills noting the results achieved.

5 In closing

Refer to your resume. Introduce attachments or online reference points.

Leave the reader with no doubt that you welcome the opportunity to discuss your application further in an interview. Take control of the follow up and let them know you will phone a few days later. Now that you know how to write a cover letter, look for a job, and send us your cv with your letter attached.

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Craig Michilis

Craig Michilis

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