how to prepare for a phone interview

how to prepare for a phone interview
22 Oct

Phone Interview

Interviewing with a multinational, chances are you’ll need to know how to prepare for a phone interview.

Prepare for a phone interview

Preparation is as important for a phone interview as it is for a face to face meeting. Read more tips on how to prepare for an interview.

What are the challenges in a phone interview?

  • Difficult establishing rapport.
  • Greater emphasis on language skills and clarity in your communication.
  • Questions and answers are open to greater level of interpretation.

When you prepare for a phone interview, ask the person setting up the interview, local hiring manager or somebody who works with the person.

  • How much influence this person has on the hiring decision.
  • For insight into the questions that the interviewer may ask.
  • For insight into the person’s character. Will they respond better to short sharp and factual answers or should you elaborate.
  • How much time you have.
  • Are there other factors you should consider as you prepare for the call; time zone, will the interviewer be in an office or in an airport lounge.

The interviewer wants to know.

  1. Does this person have the skills, knowledge and interest in the position?
  2. Can I follow what this person is saying?
  3. Can I trust this person?
  4. Can I work with this person?

Our tips

Know your subject. Speak clearly, not to fast, not to slow. Keep the interviewer interested and show your openness by asking questions. Bring a little attitude to the phone call. Smile as you dial. Don’t slouch. Stand up if you feel nervous.


At Symmetry, we prepare the people we work with for interviews. We see this as an essential part of our role. We’ve been making sure bankers and professionals are interview ready for years. Talk to Symmetry Asia consultant today and get the competitive edge.

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Craig Michilis

Craig Michilis

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