find a job, a guide for you

find a job, a guide for you
02 May

Just graduated, taken time out to raise a family, been travelling or studying mid career. This guide on how to find a job is for those looking to re-enter the workforce or change direction in their career.

Activities to find a job

i. self awareness.

Know what you want to do.

Don’t fall into a new job and then wonder why you don’t like it in 12 months time. Before you start your search to find a job, these are some of the questions you should answer.

  • Why are you working?
  • What do you want from a career?
  • Does full time work suit your needs or are you looking for contract work with an end date?
  • Are you happier in a group or alone?
  • Would you be more successful working in an office or working from home?
  • Do you need someone to set your goals or can you work better with greater autonomy?
  • Large company or small?
  • What are your ambitions?

You will more successful in interviews for jobs that genuinely mean something to you.

ii.self assessment.

Do you have the current skills and experience to do the job.

If you do, move on to step 3. If you don’t, don’t be alarmed. This means there’s another step between you and your dream career. It may mean more study or sometimes it means finding work where you can capitalise on your current abilities whist learning new skills.

These new skills will position you for the jobs you want to do. Either way, once you have defined what you need, you’ll find you will be motivated to achieve your goals.

iii. write a professional resume

For many job seekers, one of the most daunting aspects of looking for a new job is working out how to write a resume that will get them to interview stage.  A well written resume can mean the difference between getting an interview or not.  

Learn more here with our article how to write a professional resume here.

iv. write cover letters

Taking the time to write a cover letter provides you with the perfect opportunity to summarise specifically what makes you stand out as the number perfect applicant for the job you are applying for. Here you can outline to your potential employer what makes you a great fit for both the role and the company – where you can express your personality and give the hiring manager an idea about you as a real person, not just your skills and expertise. Read our article how to write a cover letter to learn more.

 v. partner with a specialist recruitment company

Learn more about finding a specialist recruitment firm to suit you here.

vi. search & apply online for jobs

Once your resume and cover letter templates are created it’s time to use them and apply for jobs.

There are many on-line job boards, start by searching for jobs with Symmetry.

If you’re not getting a response to your applications, ask your peers for a peer review of your letter and resume or ask a recruitment firm such as Symmetry for a professional review. A little tweaking may be all that is needed to get interview stage.

vii. the power of your networks.

As the old saying goes, it’s  not what you know but who you know.

Socialise your professional objectives with your network. This has several advantages. 1/ you’ll get real feedback on your goals and provide a place for yourself to think out loud. 2/ allow you opportunity to practice and improve your pitch and furthermore it just may lead you to your next opportunity.

Finally keep in mind there is no way to know how long it will take to find a job. Remember your career is a marathon not a sprint. Perseverance will pay off so make sure you put a little bit of activity into every day for your job search.

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Craig Michilis

Craig Michilis

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