How to find a recruitment consultant for you.

How to find a recruitment consultant for you.
27 Apr

There are hundreds of recruitment agencies with new firms opening up all the time. So how do you find a recruitment consultant who will be able to help you.

At some stage of your career you’re going to get a call from a recruiter. It’s likely to be at work, it will be a quick and then your left with the decision do I call back or not.  

Before you pick up the phone, do some research on the recruitment consultant. A few minutes on the web should be enough to decide if you should call back or not.

How to find a recruitment consultant

Start with professional networking sites. You need someone known in your industry which means you should share a lot of common connections, depending on the relevance and quantity of your connections.

Next, review the agency website and the profile of the consultant. Is the agency focused on your sector? How long has the consultant been with the company? A recruiter’s success is measured in the quality of their relationships and the results they get. Keep that in mind when you meet the recruiter. 

Introduce yourself.

Research finished. Make the call and introduce yourself. 

  1. personality helps. People are more likely to remember people they like.
  2. maintain a steady level of contact. Email is good.
  3. to ensure you get the best coverage build relationships with up to 3 recruiters depending on the size of market.

Face to face meeting

Got your first meeting with a recruitment agent, here’s what to do.

  • be prepared to provide full disclosure of your job search status, including any companies or agencies to which you have already submitted your resume.
  • work on a united front, they must inform you when they send your resume .
  • be as thorough with your answers as you would be with a potential employer.
  • keep the recruiter well-informed of any changes.
  • updated your resume when major changes take place in your career, such as receiving a promotion or a major industry award.
  • if you’ve done your job right, good recruiters will help you even if they are not making the introduction.
The small print

When you do find a recruitment consultant, particularly those working busy or senior desks, you may find they choose to meet people only when they have relevant jobs.  Remember they are paid by the customer to find you and may prioritise work flow accordingly.


Close the call letting the recruiter know you will connect on linkedin.  

Let us help you find a job today. Or send us your resume here.
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Craig Michilis

Craig Michilis

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