Does your cv belong in a museum

Does your cv belong in a museum
04 Jun

How to edit your resume.

Throughout your career you’ll need to edit your resume if not rewrite it on occasion. We see all sorts of applications ranging from LinkedIn profiles with little substance, paper resumes posted in through to colourful documents filled with everything the candidate has ever done since starting school.

Just like a savings accounts some people just want to add to it and never withdrawal. It keeps growing every year. Whilst this is an ideal strategy for your pension fund, it’s not going to help you get an interview. Broadly speaking and taking out LinkedIn profiles we can break down job seeker application into three categories.

The Accumulator

The accumulator tells us their whole story in equal parts. They are afraid to take anything off their resume for fear that it might be needed. As a result we receive resumes in excess of 10 pages long, documenting every position in equal amounts of detail and a complete family history down to names of grandchildren. Do you really want to discuss that Y2K project you did in 1999 or are your role as an accountant 10 years ago now going to help you in the sales career you’ve begun since then? Leave no gaps but at the same time let the reader know precisely why you’re good for the role.

The Starter

The starter begins writing their resume with great enthusiasm much like anyone beginning a new hobby. Over time that interest wanes and the hobby is put aside. Many people set about writing their resumes in the same way. Starts off well but then their minds start to wander. The result is a resume lacking personality and filled with grammatical and spelling errors.

The Adopter

The adopter is a curious person. Always learning, they’re not afraid to dump redundant methods and go forward with new. The adopter will take a new approach each time they write their resume and adapting it to every application. They’ll be ruthless in editing out unnecessary information so they can wax lyrical about the relevant stuff. This is exactly what the reader wants to see.

The adopter’s CV is likely to be most effective. Hiring managers are generally interested in what candidates have been doing in the last 5 years. Anything further back than 10 years can be summarised and in most cases to Company Name, Job Title and Dates. Start with limiting the number of pages to two. When you edit your resume, be brutal. What’s important stays, the rest go’s.  It’s always worth keeping mind that the average time spent reading a CV is less than 30 seconds. This brings sharply into focus just how important it is to take adopt a fresh approach.

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Craig Michilis

Craig Michilis

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