5 tips when using linkedin profile for job applications

5 tips when using linkedin profile for job applications
01 Mar

LinkedIn is a great platform for corporates and professionals to come together and network, learn, debate, promote or simply observe. Increasingly, it has become arguably the preferred platform for recruiters and corporates to advertise jobs and source candidates.

apply using your LinkedIn Profile

As a candidate you’re maybe given the option to submit your application with “apply using your LinkedIn profile”. For candidates that means ensuring their LinkedIn profiles are current, correct as well as relevant to the advertised role.

Before you select “Apply using my LinkedIn Profile”, read our five top tips to help your profile get noticed.

1. Profile Photo and Headline

After applying to a role, LinkedIn adds your profile to a long list of other profiles for the recruiter to review.

Initially, all the recruiter sees of you is your profile photo, name, headline and home city. They also see the number of roles you’ve previously applied to within that company, a point we’ll come back to later. The longer the list means the more important it is to have a photo and meaningful headline, especially relevant as the recruiter begins to shortlist.

  • Ensure your headline fits your current role as well as the role you’re applying to.
  • Add a professional photo to humanise your profile.

2. Content

Confirm your LinkedIn profile has enough information for the recruiter to assess your suitability. Make it punchy by listing your key achievements and responsibilities.

LinkedIn make it easy for you to layout your experience under a variety of headings. Use as many if not all of these to make your profile more visible and informative to a potential employer.

3. Add some personality.

The major advantage with LinkedIn over a resume is your ability to differentiate yourself, so give the reader a richer picture of yourself. In the Summary section, include a sentence or two beyond your job summary. Add details in the interests and hobbies section as well as volunteering experience. Recommendations and relevant media, such as articles you’ve authored, are great platforms for you to showcase your skills. Use them.

4. Proof reab!

As you would with a resume proof read it for spelling and grammatical errors. Ask a friend to review it. Text abbreviations like “u” or “2” belong on SMS and not on your profile.

5. Are resumes still necessary?

Yes. Despite the popularity of LinkedIn profiles there will always be that moment when you’re asked to provide a resume. Make sure you have it handy!

LinkedIn has shortened the time it takes for us to apply for jobs but that doesn’t mean we should hit the send button. Always make sure your experience matches the job description. If it does, applying these tips will help your profile stand out in the crowd.

Finally, remember I said we’d come back to that point about previous applications? Well here’s why. Many recruitment systems count the number of applications you make to an organisation. LinkedIn is no different. This doesn’t mean you can’t apply to more than one role with a given company however you may not be sending the right message applying for roles that are vastly different in nature.

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Craig Michilis

Craig Michilis

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