employee induction, 5 tips for engaging new staff

employee induction, 5 tips for engaging new staff
31 Jan

An engaging and structured employee induction program helps your new employees navigate the business through their first few weeks of work.

Specifically a well planned employee induction will

  • Assist in establishing work patterns.
  • Provide an opportunity to make professional and social networks.
  • Reinforce company values.
  • Reduce the time taken to get to full productivity.
  • Aid in reducing turnover.

Turn your newest employee into  “raving fans” with a warm welcome.

Have a PLAN

Have a structured plan preferably with deliverables in place for the first few weeks. This will reduce stress, build momentum as well as decrease the time it takes to get a new employee up to optimal efficiency.


Decide in advance what they will do and who they should meet. The plan should cover all the meetings, training and duties they will need in their job thus help your new employee to understand most importantly how their contribution helps the company reach it’s goals. .

Start with the basics.

Paying attention to basics tells the new employee you were expecting them along with building up perception that the business is professional and organised. The Basics start when the new employee arrives, let the receptionist know to expect and greet the new employee by name.  Ensure their workspace is set up, have their login details, email address and security access at hand. Take them on a tour of the building. Sit with them and complete any necessary paperwork.  Take this time to start building rapport, people take in more information when relaxed and engaged in a conversation rather than being told a list of things.

Leave the door open.

Encourage questions and schedule regular catch ups. This not only demonstrates your interest it also provides an opportunity for them to clarify any concerns as they come up. After the initial staff induction period their questions will change and mature, thus remain accessible using scheduled meetings to help them progress over the first few months.


Key to your new starter’s success will be integration into the team. Provide an overview of how the company works, describe the attitudes and values that characterise its culture. Outline reporting lines so they understand their relationship to key people. Proactively help them to develop relationships and contacts within the company to accelerate their sense of acceptance and belonging.

The big picture.

We all want to know that we contribute. Balance information about their daily tasks with an explanation on how their role contributes to the wider goals of the business. Explain the broader structure of the company so they understand where their position fits. This will give them with an insight into future career progression opportunities.

Employee induction when done well is a critical piece to engage and retain your people. If you’d like to discuss your current program or build a new program our talent management team can help.


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Craig Michilis

Craig Michilis

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