10 tips for success in a new job

10 tips for success in a new job
07 May

Congratulations. You’ve climbed another step up on your career ladder and about to start a new job. The first 90 days are your chance to build on the perception created in interview and set yourself up for success. This is also your time to be the person you promised yourself when you started your job search.

Ready to start a new job.

Here are 10 tips to set you up for success.

1 Build relationships.

Here are some habits to you should start forming now. Building trusting transparent relationships is the number one activity everyone starting a new job needs to do. The bigger the organisation the more you build. I’ve seen very capable people move to global firms and fail. Failure is almost always because they haven’t been able to form alliances across the organisation. If you can’t influence others at times, you will not succeed. You’re going to need to lean on people to get results, to represent your ideas, to talk about you positively and to sponsor your career. Choose wisely.

2 Understand what is expected of you.

Open your job specification and grab your boss. Make sure you are clear on your responsibilities and how to achieve them. Discuss what success looks like, get into the detail. Now you know, blitz it.

3 Time to deliver.

You sold it in interview, now deliver. Getting some early wins under your belt will help establish your credibility.

4 Initiate relationships.

Find ways of helping people (point 1) and find a way of remembering as much personal information about them as possible. Your engagement is good for you and will help earn respect with colleagues.

5 Update linkedin

Add your new company and title and connect in with new colleagues. While you are at it, now is a good time to ask for references on past roles.

6 Get into the groove.

Reinventing or tweaking the perception people have of you starts with the way you look. Starting a new job is a good time to smarten up your wardrobe. Freshen up old suits with made to measure shirts and new ties. Stay in tune with the tone of the company.

7 Take notes.

There is nothing like writing things down if you want to remember then. There will be a severe case of information overload in the early days, so retain as much as possible by writing it down. Old fashioned pen and paper are your best tools.

8 Observe first…..

You might think your way is best and perhaps it will be, time will tell. Learn their practice first.  Golden rule, don’t change process within the first 3 months.

9 Contibute.

Point 8 doesn’t make you a wall flower. Contribute where and when relevant, remember you were hired for a reason.

10 Make time for yourself.

All work and no play could make jack a dull boy. Don’t forget to take time out, Rome wasn’t built in a day thus maintain your other life and in turn that will maintain you.

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Craig Michilis

Craig Michilis

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